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David Ferland Investment Planning

Investment Planning offered through
Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation

Financial goals are as unique as each investor. They can vary from wanting to be able to retire early; sending a child to an Ivy League Institution; leaving a legacy through charitable donations...or simply wanting the distinct pleasure of financial independence. Regardless of the goal, it is important to have a well-defined and well-organized strategy in place that is customized according to your personal preferences and parameters. That strategy must take into consideration the essence of time, and it must incorporate a level of risk that the investor is willing to take.

By having an intelligent plan, you stand a much greater chance of reaching your financial goals.

Investment Advisory and Asset Management through Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation

Through Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation we can offer:

General Securities


Common and preferred stock

Fixed Income

Corporate Bonds

Federal Agency


Municipal Bonds

Certificates of Deposit

Mutual Funds

More than 7,000 funds, representing over 100 mutual fund families

Variable Annuities

Over 60 issuers, offering long-term, tax advantaged investing opportunities

Investment Advisory Services

Financial planning and financial consultation services, customizable asset management services, and private asset management programs

Estate Planning and Preservation

Succession Planning